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I loved this version, I made a tool-assisted speedrun of it


absolute genious

will the windows emulator work on windows 7

i absolutely adored the witnes, and to be able to play it in my favorite game style is amazing, i absolutely love it 

pretty amazing, and obviously a loving tribute :)

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Awesome game. I loved the witness and this captured its charm perfectly. I played this game on my YouTube channel and really enjoyed it :)

Ah ah awesome :D

That's what I call a fan art !

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I love you. Great tribute to a great game. Can the source code be found anywhere?? (totally understand if you don't want to share)

Is there a bug on the 2nd to last "blocks" puzzle, or am I just dumb? Neither of (what I believe to be) solutions to the puzzle are working, even though solving for just part of it seems to be valid.

Same problem

You, sir, are a king among men. Great game.

You are a Crack, a great tribute

Sounds like a strangely translated Argentinian praise. XD


you're absolutely right, it is helped with the Spanish translated;-) But it's a great compliment!

You ported the mechanics of the actual game into a nes rom, that's something to admire. I really like the work you did with this, a well done experiment. If you are thinking to port all the mechanics, i would say you are crazy. It's not impossible, but it is a tough challenge. Congrats!

A great adaptation, feels very faithful to the original's puzzles and game feel.

It's soothing and fun. A really nice tribute.