The kitchen is filthy, clean it up!


  • Enter - Start the game / pause gameplay
  • Z - Throw your swatter
  • X - Jump
  • Left & Right Arrows - Move left and right
  • Down Arrow - Duck

Filthy Kitchen is an action-platformer created for Nesdev's 2016 homebrew competition. You can click above to play online, or download the ROM and play in your favorite NES emulator.

The kitchen is so dirty, and the only way to clean it is to find the broom. Along the way, use your swatter to kill any flies you see. Kill multiple flies with a single swing to get combos and earn high scores! Avoid obstacles like dirty utensils and rogue appliances. Pick up any unspoiled food for points and health bonuses. Only you can clean the kitchen!

Graphics, design, code by @dustmop

Music by @likeluke_


Source code:


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Filthy Kitchen ROM 64 kB


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nice game but why the swatter is a bomorang, it makes it ....,hm, i dont know

Very creative! The swatter trajectory is something you won't find in any other game. The harsh bleeps and garish graphics got the better of me in the end!